New Engineers 2018-2019


Jordi Daniels (NL)
Company: Saab Technologies (
Function: (Trainee) Technical Manager
Study background: BSc. HBO-ICT Business IT & Management; MSc. Information Science – Business Information Systems


Sjoerd de Haan (NL)
Company: Hyster-Yale Group (
Function: Dealer Integration Specialist
Study background: BSc. Automotive Engineering; Minor: World Class Performance (Lean Green Belt)


Joey Janssen (NL)
Company: Ubbink Nederland (
Function: Project Manager Process Engineering
Study background: BSc. Industrial Engineering; Minor: World Class Performance/Lean Management


Sudipta Saha (Bangladesh, studied & graduated in Sweden)
Company: Alfa Laval (
Function: Prime Performance Engineer
Study background: BSc. Industrial Engineering; MSc. Quality and Operations Management


Eelco Eikelboom (NL)
Company: Hellebrekers Technieken (
Function: Software Engineer
Study background: BSc. HBO-ICT Software Engineering (SE3, Games Programming, AI & Datastructures)


Ronald Boon (NL)
Company: Hellebrekers Technieken (
Function: Software Engineer
Study background: BSc. HBO Electrical Engineering (Embedded Systems Engineering); Minor: Co-Design


Pakwan (Kwan) Suppaiboonsuk (Thailand, studied & graduated in NL)
Company: Modderkolk Projects & Maintenance (
Function: Software Engineer
Study background: BSc. Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences; Biomedical Engineering specialization; Minor: Biorobotics

Mohamed Bakr (Egypt, Bangladesh, studied & graduated in Germany)
Company: Bredenoord (
Function: Engineer (New Business)
Study background: BSc. Mechanical Engineering; MSc. Energy Engineering; Climate change, Innovation, Entrepreneurship (M.Sc label)

Daniel Mata (Mexico Bangladesh, studied & graduated in NL)
Company: Conntech (
Function: Business Manager (Sustainable Energy)
Study background: MSc. Sustainable Energy Technology

Graduation students Year1

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Proud of our new engineers Y1! Together we all learned much and we achieved of lot during this year of study and work. August 25th was the festive graduation day of Year1. With our students, company supervisors, partners and family it was a great afternoon on a beautiful spot at Galerie De Groen.
Thanks to our partner companies Bredenoord, GSE Dispensing, Modderkolk, NP Bridging en KampCoating.

 'I am very happy to have received my diploma from New Engineers! But the piece of paper has never been the scope of this year. From pressure cooker projects in Sarajevo to day to day hard work at Bredenoord's New Business department. This traineeship has taught me many valuable lessons and gave me a chance to meet a lot of incredible people. A big thanks to Vincent Wiegel and Lejla Brouwer for making this program a reality and guiding us through the year! Hip Hip Hurray for Year 1! Made it!' Else Noë


Why study and work with New Engineers

"I joined New Engineers because we focus on both personal and business development. Furthermore New Engineers offers me the possibility to challenge myself continuously in learning new things and gaining work experience."

Alex Mutlu

"My ambition is to make sustainability a way of living for everybody.
Why New Engineers:  I can apply instantly what I learn during the course weeks in my job and I can discuss issues from my project in class."

Else Noë

"I joined New Engineers because there so much more I want to learn.
Studying is cool, but so is working. New Engineers combines work and learning in a splendid way."

Jeroen Claes

"I started at New Engineers because for me it is a perfect match between work and study.
It is a challenging study, that really pushes me to look at myself and the company I work for with a different perspective."

Thijn Smit

"New Engineers brings me to the next level in my career. New Engineers fills the gap between a regular bachelor study and the real business. They teach me to look differently at people and the world of engineering."

Jan-Eize Eggens

"I joined New Engineers to broaden my horizon, to leave the technical comfort zone I’m used to as an engineer and to get a different perspective on projects. At New Engineers I have the chance to develop myself further as an engineer that has much more to offer than solely engineering skills."

Umarin Hendrikse

"With New Engineers I can develop my knowledge, skills and attitude with challenging assignments in class and on the job. Together with outstanding students and inspiring teachers."

Jan-Mark Elzer

"New Engineers challenges me to broaden my knowledge and get a new insight on business development and business processes of the company I work for. It is a great advantage I can direct my individual learning objectives and curriculum.
My ambition is to lead multi-disciplinary teams that work on projects with big impact and value."

Robbin Sanders


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Also want to become a New Engineer? Enrollment for September 2019 will open in January 2019