21st Century teaching

All students have their own background, ambitions and preferences. Still, they all receive the same teaching, on the same topics, in the same way. Not at New Engineers. We push ourselves to create an environment in which you are treated as the unique individual you are. Working in different groups and teams you can take different roles, focus on specific topics or be the generalist instead.
Technology is not an isolated subject to us, but one that is integrated with leadership, creativity and business. Things that matter to every hardcore engineer as much as to anyone else.

A big hairy project

You know your stuff in the class room. But there is so much more to learn and experience than what you’ve been taught so far. You can have such an impact on the world around you. We give you opportunity! When placed in one of our partner companies, you’ll get a real job, with real possibilities for further development and real responsibilities. Over the course of a year you will earn the mandate and know-how to pull off a big hairy project that will have true impact on the company.

A career not a job

You want to be flexible. You don’t want to be tied to a specific function. In our traineeship you propel yourself towards a career in which you combine different skills and know-how to fulfill the needs of the assignment at hand. You learn to learn, so that you can keep developing.

Study without debt

Continuing to develop your skills, know-how, and attitude matters. But it comes at an increasingly high price. New Engineers works with a model that enables freshly graduated students to continue study and work. So you’ll earn money instead of running up a debt.


New Engineers is for students with a bachelor or master degree in engineering.

Engineers with different backgrounds like

  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Embedded systems engineering

  • Industrial design

  • Informatics

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Mechatronics

  • Operations management

  • Process engineering or

  • Systems engineering
    will study and work together.

It is a one or two year study program. Regular teaching takes 8 weeks spread throughout the year, one week at the time. Subjects are technology, business development, leadership, change management and innovation. During this year you will study approximately 8 hours a week and work on your traineeship (freshly graduate student) or regular job (expericienced staff). Download our brochure for more detailed program information. Read more about the experiences of the students 2016-17 with study and work in media.

New Engineers work together with companies in the region Arnhem - Nijmegen - Apeldoorn.  (Inter)national experts will introduce you to the latest theories and ideas.
Look at about us for the first introduction to the students of this year, the crew, the companies and the challenges,  and friends of New Engineers.

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