Modderkolk is a leading Electrotechnical company that focuses on industrial electrical engineering. The main sectors are water management, industry and health care. As an enterprising company it has won several awards; fast growing company (Gazelle award), best managed companies and corporate social responsibility (MVO). It grows fast because it combines customer focus with process efficiency. Continuous improvement using Lean, critical chain, cellular organization and other approaches makes Modderkolk a high performing organization.

Looking to the future it pursues three courses.

One, platform design for its product and services. This track focusses on designing products and services at meta-level that can be tailored to customer needs through configuration and parameterization. The data generated in the product-design phase are used to manage the production process of its electronic panels. The challenge is to define a product and services platform that allows integration with production.

Two, continued process optimization becoming ever more Lean. Given it’s already high level of process improvement the challenge is to create new problems that trigger new solutions for process improvement.

Third, Modderkolk wants to create a system/approach, where it can collect the data of their customer process installations and use this information in order to advise its customer in optimizing their key processes.

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