Cleantech stands for clean techniques that contribute to a sustainable world. This relates to products and services that contribute to a cleaner environment: the reuse of waste as raw material, energy savings and improving operational performances by increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs, energy consumption and waste.

Cleantech stands for a new way of working in all sectors: energy supply, transport, water management and environment, the manufacturing industry and agriculture. Cleantech can be everywhere: from production to public services and from care to leisure activities.

Cleantech is an initiative of the local municipalities, businessmen and schools in the region Apeldoorn - Deventer - Zutphen. In this region clean technology is key for energy neutral production and services. The Cleantech region strives to be clean as a way to achieve long term prosperity and welfare. Practically it means that companies, governmental services, schools and individuals share developments in clean technology. They inspire and support each other. By working together new initiatives will be more effective. Several of the businesses involved in CleanTech Hotspot AREA 055 are also involved in New Engineers. Some of the New Engineers activities will take place at the Zwitsal Factory.