Rembrandt van Meegen
Operations Manager at GSE Dispensing

What makes the organization you are working for special?
GSE is a small, efficient and dedicated Dutch company and a global leader in ink management.

What motivates you in regard to technology?
As product manager and engineer I’m proud of developing new systems with technical, electrical, mechanical and software components. To install a turnkey system is very challenging, including the training of the future operators. GSE strives to high customer satisfaction, so service is key. Because of the in house management of international acquisition of components, I meet suppliers and discuss with them new technics and possibilities, which is very inspiring.

Which challenge would you give the New Engineer who will come to work at GSE?
GSE is performing excellent. But what are the developments in the market? It is important to continuously improve our products but also the way of training people, service requirements and last but not least, keep motivating people to get the best results of our production systems. A commercial technical student should explore what questions or needs our customers have for future developments and translate this to product development and process improvement.

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