Jaap Fluit CEO

What makes your company special?
Bredenoord is a company full in transition towards new technology's and business models. This requires smart and out of the box engineering skills, combined with our knowledge of the market. We are specialists in gensets and off-grid power solutions.

What are the core technologies you use in developing/producing your products?
We use 3d designing tools and electrical engineering tooling. We produce our own solutions, electrical and mechanical. We produce prototypes and assemble and install complete end products.

What are the challenges for the New Engineers?
We are planning to create temporary off-grid sustainable power solutions. Using hybrid techniques in smart grid applications. We are developing power buffering solutions for temporary and permanent use. And we are developing systems with Hydrogen/ Solar. We are striving for a short time to market. We are working on a connectivity solution.

It is our overall challenge to do so with our complete supply chain and customers.

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