John Kamp and Maarten Waaijenberg
Kamp Coating Groep

What makes your company special?
Kamp Coating Groep is market leader in powder coating with an innovative character. A family company operating worldwide for leading companies.

What are the core technologies in your production?
The core technologies used in the production are E-Coating, powder coating and surface pre-treatment. The main sectors we are active in are machinery, automotive, truck and trailer construction, electronics.

What are your challenges for the New Engineers?
The New Engineers will develop with our R&D and production department the coating factory of the future.

New Engineers will make a substantial contribution to the development of a new production facility for the E-Coat line. The new facility will apply the latest robotics, cleantech and excellent logistics for  the agro machinery e.g. for John Deere and Claas. We are also looking for optimalisation of our existing coatlines with LEAN and Smart Industry solutions. The R&D of our existing lines will focus on productivity increase, doing things right the first time and energy saving. Depending on the ambitions and talents of the New Engineer (s)he might also opt to be involved in the improvement of our business model and strategy.