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GSE Dispensing is performing excellent. But what are the developments in the market? It is important to improve continuously our products but also the way of training people, service requirements and last but not least, keep motivating people to get the best results of our productions systems. A commercial technical student should explore what questions or needs our customers have for future developments and translate this to product development and process improvement. More about GSE at


Modderkolk Projects and Maintenance is an enterprising company that has won several awards for fast growing company (Gazelle award) and corporate social responsibility (MVO). It grows fast because it combines customer focus with process efficiency. Continuous improvement using Lean, critical chain, cellular organization and other approaches makes Modderkolk a high performing organization. Looking to the future it pursues two courses. One, platform design for its product and services. This track focusses on designing products and services at meta-level that can be tailored to customer needs through configuration and parameterization. The data generated in the product-design phase are used to manage the production process of its electronic panels. The challenge is to define a product and services platform that allows integration with production. Two, continued process optimization becoming ever more Lean. Given it’s already high level of process improvement the challenge is to create new problems that trigger new solutions for process improvement. More about Modderkolk at

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Bredenoord is planning to create temporary off-grid sustainable power solutions. Using hybrid techniques in smart grid applications. We are developing power buffering solutions for temporary and permanent use. And we are developing systems with Hydrogen/ Solar. We are striving for a short time to market. We are working on a connectivity solution.
It is our overall challenge to do so with our complete supply chain and customers. Read about Brednoord on

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Kamp Coating: The New Engineers will develop with our R&D and production department the coating factory of the future. New Engineers will make a substantial contribution to the development of a new production facility for the E-Coat line. The new facility will apply the latest robotics, cleantech and excellent logistics for  the agro machinery e.g. for John Deere and Claas. We are also looking for optimalisation of our existing coatlines with LEAN and Smart Industry solutions. The R&D of our existing lines will focus on productivity increase, doing things right the first time and energy saving. Depending on the ambitions and talents of the New Engineer (s)he might also opt to be involved in the improvement of our business model and strategy. Read more about Kamp Coating on


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