Who we are

New Engineers educate ambitious experienced and freshly graduated engineering students that are in the process of becoming total game changers. During a challenging a one or two year trajectory of working, learning, physical activity, personal development and technical improvement new engineers will grow to become engineers with substantial added value for the technical sector.

What we stand for

New Engineers is shamelessly ambitious and driven. We are committed to discovering new ways of creating products and services, and to serving the companies we work for as well as the communities we are a part of.

We have a playful way of looking at the world, and technology in particular. Curiously and eagerly we explore the possibilities technology has to offer in order to generously share them with the people around us.

Our promise to student

  • An intense educational experience
  • Dedicated staff that will challenge you and itself
  • An inspiring and challenging environment
  • New way you look at yourself and the company you work for
  • A study that will propel your career

What makes us different

Technology& | By combining a deep understanding of technology with courses on leadership, business development and creativity we draw on all your talents.

Agile curriculum | New Engineers are in constant search of the latest updates in and on technology, ever changing our ways of thinking and working. This way, what we teach you will always be relevant.

Team work | New Engineers learn about leadership as well as followership. Working in different teams of varying sizes, you’ll find yourself in ever changing circumstances, constantly challenging the way you look at things. By gaining a new perspective every time, you will find that the possibilities for new engineers are boundless.

For freshly graduated students: real world impact | As student-trainee you will be offered a real job and be engaged in several projects. Thanks to this placement in real companies everything you do and learn will have an immediate impact on the world around you. Right where it is needed the most.

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