Lejla Brouwer

"New Engineers is a chance to develop ourselves, to learn together and to change for better. I have the drive to explore and develop, to connect and to grow. If we, the young engineers, tech companies and innovative educators, combine our talents, experience and knowledge, I believe we can build education we need and enjoy together."

Vincent and Lejla are the founders of New Engineers. They strongly belief in new ways of education and development. In 2016 Year1 started in cooperation with the companies in Gelderland and support of the Province of Gelderland.

Lejla Brouwer-Hadzialic, MBA, combines her economic background and years of management experience with her knowledge and understanding of applying Lean Six Sigma. She works at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem, the Netherlands. As certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Lejla also trains and guides colleagues in continuous improvement projects. Her expertise in the service sector in particular relates to application, research and development in lean (Six Sigma) education. Furthermore she is a co-creator of and lecturer in the undergraduate course World Class Performance and Lean Management.

Vincent and Lejla are the authors of Lean Education in The Routledge Companion to Lean Management (Torbjorn H. Netland, Daryl J. Powell, 2016).

Vincent Wiegel

"I believe there is so much more potential in our students than we realize. I want to bring that potential to live. And do so in a setting where practice and theory meet in real live challenges."

Lejla and Vincent are the founders of New Engineers. They strongly belief in new ways of education and development. In 2016 Year1 started in cooperation with the companies in Gelderland and support of the Province of Gelderland.

Vincent Wiegel Ph.D. is one of the leading experts in the field of lean in the Netherlands and founder of and professor at the Research Group for Lean & World Class Performance at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem, the Netherlands. Wiegel is involved in lean education and initiates research into the effectiveness of lean implementations. Besides his wide range of general knowledge and experience, his specific expertise is in lean product development and lean in non-manufacturing environments such as healthcare and education.

Lejla and Vincent are the authors of Lean Education in The Routledge Companion to Lean Management (Torbjorn H. Netland, Daryl J. Powell, 2016).
Vincent is together with John Maes author of Succesvol Lean. With 10.000 copies the book is a bestseller in management literature.

Vincent worked at the TU Delft. His Ph.D. thesis Sopholab; Experimental Computational Philosophy is about moral robots.

Jose Cuperus.jpg

José Cuperus

I believe that the traditional ways of educating people no longer suffice to prepare students, teachers and working professionals for the rapidly changing circumstances on the labour market. Not only for engineers in the technical sector, but for professionals in all sectors. These changes call for lifelong learning and innovative ways to educate people.

It is my personal mission to transform the educational system through innovation because we need to prepare everybody for the unknown future. I develop experiments in different settings in which we innovate ways of teaching and learning, focussing on personalised learning and trying to activate people from an intrinsic motivation. I want to give everybody the opportunity to learn, with a lot of fun in the process, and more effectively than our traditional ways of education would.

I work with New Engineers because our visions on learning and education are a perfect match.  At New Engineers I lead the experiment Crossing Educational Borders. In co-creation with various stakeholders (experts, working professionals, teachers, students and kids from Vocational Education), we develop an inspiring learning environment in which everybody learns in a personalised way from an intrinsic motivation. We try to seduce all participants to choose a different approach and to create new ways of learning and working with each other. It is in these kinds of experiments that I am able to combine and use my fields of expertise: Personal & Creative Leadership, Behaviour Change and Social Innovation.

Jop van der Kemp NE v3.png

Jop van der Kemp
The reason I joined the New Engineers team is the alignment with my personal mission to increase the impact of education. In education, there is a lot of valuable time lost. We learn things we will never use and we will forget most things we need. NE changes this by enabling students to learn the things they want to learn, apply it to real business situations and therefore offering a context for this knowledge and skill. The knowledge from experts is up-to-date because they practice it in business. This makes learning more effective and efficient. NE doesn’t only teach the cutting edge technological knowledge, but also two areas that aren’t covered in traditional education which I think are critical and will be more critical in the future, which are ‘learning how to learn’ and ‘soft skills’.

I got involved in NE in the design of the curriculum of year one. I already had some outspoken thoughts about the alignment of how we educate and actually learn. This resulted in a new venture in the educational technology space where we focus on learning the way we are evolutionary programmed, storing your knowledge and stimulating long term memory. For New Engineers I am focusing on expansion.

JW de Blok nw.JPG

Jan Willem de Blok
In New Engineers I see an initiative for young ambitious engineers who want to discover their strengths and fast track their careers. Formula One drivers who want to win, also need the right resources and instruments. (Right Max Verstappen?).

I’ve partnered with New Engineers because I truly believe in the learning concept they’ve developed for engineering students. As a recruiter in the technical (automotive) industry I think it’s important to contribute to the development of young engineers.

As a business partner I provide support and guidance towards the recruitment activities and student selection process. The goal is to partner the right students with the right companies. From the students that sign-up, I select the high potentials - meaning: students who are shamelessly ambitious and committed to discovering new ways of creating products and services.

To achieve this I engage in several in-depth conversations with students about their ambitions, motivation, and hunger for personal growth. I also assess learning ability, discipline, eagerness and performance. My approach values ambition and drive over obtained results and track record.

Lianne Valckx.jpg

Lianne Valckx
Currently I do my internship at New Engineers as an educational scientist. I will focus on the underlying theories of New Engineers and the improvement of the assessment. I chose to do my internship at New Engineers because I want to challenge myself to think outside the box and learn more about how to design education for new generations. I expect to learn a lot with New Engineers.

Carina Pullens.jpg

Carina Pullens
At New Engineers I'm responsible for the administration and financial affaires, I manage the digital learning environment our students work with and manage our website.
I'm happy to work with such an innovative and creative crew, not only challenging the students but also ourselves!
Have a question or a challenge? Send me an e-mail at info@newengineers.nl